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Environmental Formaldehyde Testing Equipment VOC Pretreatment Room

Environmental Formaldehyde Testing Equipment VOC Pretreatment Room

Environmental Formaldehyde Testing Equipment VOC Pretreatment Room

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Place of Origin: China
Hàng hiệu: KingPo
Chứng nhận: Calibration Certificate

Thanh toán:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Giá bán: To be quoted
chi tiết đóng gói: gói thùng carton an toàn hoặc hộp ván ép
Thời gian giao hàng: 35 ngày làm việc
Payment Terms: T/T
Khả năng cung cấp: 3 bộ mỗi tháng
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Chi tiết sản phẩm
Place of Origin: Guangdong,China(mainland) Range of temp.: 22℃~25℃±2.0℃(adjustable temperature)
Range of humidity:: 45~50%R.H.±5% wind speed: under 0.3m/s

VOC Pretreatment Room


Product purpose


Pretreatment room can provide standard temp.,humidity and voc clean environment.After temp. humidity,pressure and voc of testing materials are released in balance,pollutant release rate and release properties of material and products will be tested.




Place materials and products or their samples in the pretreatment room, and adjust indoor temperature,relative humidity,wind speed,pressure,indoor voc cleanliness conditions and other environmental conditions,so that temperature and humidity of test samples can reach consensus,and internal and external pressure of them in balance.Meanwhile,crossed contamination of test samples should be avoided (crossed contamination of TVOC release and crossed contamination of single unit VOC)


Range of temp. and humidity:

22℃~25℃±2.0℃(adjustable temperature)

45~50%R.H.±5%,wind speed under 0.3m/s


VOCS is required to be air intake volatility.

Organic concentration should nor exceed the following indexes

items Max( μg/m³)15
Benzene 20
Acetaldehyde 10
Toluene 20
Ethylbenzene 20
Xylene 20
Styrene 5
P-dichlorobenzene 5
Tetradecane 5
Acetone 10
TVOC 350





1. No pollutant source in the surrounding environment.


2. Power:AC380V 20KW(this power is set for one set of machine unit,and general power shall accumulate if the inner volume is relatively big and 2 or 3 machine units are adopted.)



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