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Voc Testing Equipment , Micro VOC Release Chamber Positive Pressure

Voc Testing Equipment , Micro VOC Release Chamber Positive Pressure

Voc Testing Equipment , Micro VOC Release Chamber Positive Pressure

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Place of Origin: China
Hàng hiệu: KingPo
Chứng nhận: Calibration Certificate

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Giá bán: To be quoted
chi tiết đóng gói: gói thùng carton an toàn hoặc hộp ván ép
Thời gian giao hàng: 35 ngày làm việc
Payment Terms: T/T
Khả năng cung cấp: 3 bộ mỗi tháng
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Volume of climate chamber: Φ64*H34mm=116ml,inner arc surface chamber Adjustable range of temperature: 5%R.H(65℃)
Pressure: Positive pressure Air exchange rate: 10~500/times±5%
Air velocity: 10~500mL/min(quality flow controller)

Micro VOC Release Chamber


Product purpose


• To detect substance released on the material surface in steady temperature.First,data of volatile substances and molecular materials before modification;Second,comparison of product properties(such as different colors or patterns)within the effective range;Third,detection of sample machine and low volatile materials;fourth,detection of the consensus of products during official authentication test.

• Measure volatile and semivolatile organic compounds in major materials,and implement regular quality control.

• Detect volume and radiations.

• When temperature changes,detect the steam permeated into materials

• Analysis of flavors and fragrances




Micro sampling chamber can provide standard testing environment(temperature,cleanliness,relative humidity,air exchange rate,,etc) and detect VOC/SVOC and water content of various materials and products.It is very suitable for concrete analysis of heterogeneous prototype and detection of low trace elements.


Reference Standard


ISO 12219-3: 2012(E) air in road vehicles Section 3 Determination method for screening release emission of volatile organic components of materials of vehicle interiors with micro test chamber method.


Technical Parameters:


Product Model※1 MV-4 MV-6 MV-8
Environmental temperature 5~35℃
Environmental humidity ≤90%R.H
Requirements for Environmental Cleanliness No pollutant source in the surrounding environment TVOC 500μg/m³
Volume of climate chamber Φ64*H34mm=116ml,inner arc surface chamber
Quantity of inner tanks※1 Serveral,with aspiration at the bottom ring and outlet and sampling at the ceiling
Adjustable range of temperature 60~200℃high temperature cleaning more than 260℃
Adjustable range of humidity(optional) 5%R.H(65℃)
Pressure Positive pressure
Temperature fluctuation ±0.3℃(fluctuation)
Temperature deviation ±1.0℃(deviation)
Humidity fluctuation※2(optional) ±2.5%R.H
Humidity deviation※2(optional) ±3%
Air exchange rate 10~500/times±5%
Air velocity 10~500mL/min(quality flow controller)
Power Alternating current 220V/50Hz
Starting power※3 3kw
Operating power※3 1.5kw
External dimension of climate chamber※4 W580mm*D890*H1050(when there are 6 inner tanke),it is up to the quantity of inner tanks
Background concentration of methanol smaller than 15μg/m³,the lowest 6μg/m³
Background concentration of VOC single VOC has a concentration smaller than 2 μg/m³,T VOC 20 μg m dust filtrated TVOC has a concentration smaller than 20μg/m³
Rate of recovery Formaldehyde,octanol,4 phenyl cyclohexene,dodecane and tetradecane have a recovery rate larger than 80%
Clean air system pressure>1.0Mpa,dry and clean gases(non combustible and noe toxic harmful gases such as air,nitrogen and argon)
Cooling mode Air cooling
Controller Color touch screen man-machine interface;Mitsubishi pld controller



※ 1 Type:MV-6,MV presents micro VOC chamber and figure 6 presents quantity of inner tanks.Quantity of inner tanks and divided into 4,6,8.

※ 2 The function exists when there is only requirement for humidity.

※ 3 This data occurs when there are 6 inner tanks and it changes with quantity of inner tanks

※ 4 This data occurs when there are 6 inner tanks and it changes with quantity of inner tanks



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